Fields of Business

Status of Technology Capability

· Qualified power crushing and mixing chemicals
· Qualified analytical chemistry
· Certificate of toxic chemicals management
· Qualified water quality control
· Development of hard chromium plating for marine piston ring groove (by request of Hyundai Heavy Industries)
· Development of hard chromium on nimonic materials (By request of Hyundai Heavy Industries)
· Porous chromium plating on lube-type piston rod
· Rod reduction equipment / Utility model
· Jumping shoes / Utility model
· Rotating disk / Utility model
· Production method of thin film screen filter / Process paten
· Ultrafine grinding method of waste tires and its instrumentation / Patent
· Manufacturing method of screen basket / Utility model
· Manufacturing method of screen basket assembled with rings for paper production / Utility model

Sales division

· Manufacturing, repairing, and recycling of screen baskets / sales compensation for waste baskets
· Production of microscreen
· Hard chromium plating
· Electro Polishing
· Technical support for surface treatment and environment management
· Porous plating
· Electro polishing and bronze plating