Thank you for visiting us. Garam is a specialized manufacturer of custom-built filters,

Including the screen used for paper production, we strive to be the world best quality manufacturer who can deliver products with smaller than 0.02mm sized holes or slots, I am very positive that Garam has a production capability to provide any kinds of filter media as long as designs are available.
In particular, Garam has many years of experience and technological competitiveness in the area of surface processing and participates in a number of proton accelerator projects sponsored by the Korean government, with a full range of surface processing equipment applicable for bronze, nickel, chrome, electrolytic polishing and metal surface activation, we are committed to actively coping with any kinds of products that is difficult to manufacture.
GARAM Research Center conducts a wide range of research activities from contemporary tasks to the next generation energy research based on the excellent workforce.
We always make sure to be growing in the global marketplace to meet your expectation on the basis of trust and quality management, We are truly determined to do our best as well as research and develop in our areas of business. I would ask for your consistent interest and support.

Thank you.